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As your Oklahoma attorney advisors, it's our job to care for you. Our Oklahoma estate planning attorneys ease your worries by helping you plan for death and incapacity while avoiding the necessity of court involvement. Avoid the anxiety of the probate court with an Oklahoma revocable trust. Ease your concerns for your children's welfare by planning for their guardianship and provision with an Oklahoma will. Gain the peace of mind that when you are incapacitated, your Oklahoma healthcare power of attorney will help ensure that your healthcare wishes are carried out, and under your Oklahoma durable power of attorney, someone you trust will manage your business affairs. Entrust us to care for you.

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How Do I Fund My Living Trust?

How Do I Fund My Living Trust?

Funding your trust is the process of transferring ownership of your assets from you to your trust. To do this, you physically change the titles from your individual name (or joint names) to the name of your trust. You will also change most beneficiary designations to your trust so those...

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I would recommend this practice to anyone. They responded in a timely manner, made me feel like a valued client, and were more than fair on fees for service. Very trustworthy pair of attorneys. I enjoyed working with them.

- Matt Collins

Susanna, Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our case. It was an honor to have you work with us. Not only did we get to meet a great attorney, we feel we also met a great friend. May God continue to use you in the field where He has placed you.

- John and Mary Stubbs