We Can Smooth The Rocky Probate Process

After the grief of losing a loved one, you may face the challenging task of administering the estate through the probate process. It can be intimidating whether you're trying to interpret the wishes of the deceased, navigate probate, or just figure out where to start.

At Udoka Law, PC, we guide clients through the legal process of distributing assets during probate. This includes transferring titles to land, oil rights, vehicles, and other assets, as well as resolving debt. Probate is the legal channel of ownership, which means that it's also where a will may be contested or an estranged heir can make claims. If uncontested, probate is simply an administrative process. If it is contested, litigation may be necessary.

Caring Guidance Through A Difficult Process

You deserve an attorney who will treat your case with care and respect, honoring the wishes of the deceased above all else. At Udoka Law, PC, we always puts our clients first. We'll help you understand the law, guide you through the process, and stand up for you if disagreements arise.

We're here to help and advise you through a difficult situation. We balance our counsel between explaining your options within state law and helping you make your own decisions.

We seek resolution to your problems as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our lawyers protect your rights and give you the personal attention you need to make informed decisions. Our counsel is practical, ethical, and always focused on getting results for our clients.

Get Help Today

Call our Stillwater office if you need help understanding Oklahoma probate and estate administration. We offer flexible schedules for consultation and can be reached at 405-293-8024 or, if you prefer, by email. If sending us a message online, provide details about your case and we will return your message as soon as possible.