Everyone Needs A Will. We'll Help You Create One.

Almost everyone is familiar with wills and trusts, the legal documents that define what happens to your possessions after you pass away. Wills can be especially important if you hold valuable property, oil and water rights, and other complex assets. But estate planning is not only for the wealthy. In truth, everyone needs an estate plan.

In Oklahoma, all property goes through probate after someone dies, even if they have a will, trust, or other estate plan. When there is no will, the confusion and risk greatly increase. An estate plan streamlines the process and clearly defines your wishes.

At Udoka Law, PC, we help you put your wishes to paper, helping your assets pass through probate and onto the next generation. We draw on our deep knowledge of estate law to protect your property and family through a carefully drafted estate plan.

Take Control Of Your Assets

An estate plan isn't just a legal method to pass along a family heirloom. We will work with you to find a plan that fits your estate, tax concerns, inheritance worries, and any unique family dynamics. There are many trusts available to suit different needs.

Depending on your specific needs, we can create an estate plan that:

  • Ensures the smooth transition of property titles
  • Ensures the transition of oil, water, and mineral rights
  • Prevents estranged family from receiving inheritance
  • Prevents dispute or contention about your property
  • Reduces the cost of probate on your loved ones
  • Creates financial stability for loved ones
  • Plans your funeral and burial
  • Establishes health care directions, power of attorney, or a living trust
  • Appoints a guardian for minor children
  • Includes succession planning for your business

We are experienced in the formation of revocable and irrevocable trusts, including gun trusts, trusts that care for people with special needs, and Medicaid planning trusts.

Your estate plan may need to change over time. If you have relocated to Oklahoma from another state, we will happily review your plan and update it to match state guidelines.

Planning Begins With A Free Consultation

Call our Stillwater office at 405-293-8024 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss estate planning and asset protection with a lawyer. You may also email us about your estate planning needs.